The Legals;
MS Action Ltd. is run, in the main, completely by volunteers and therefore the Opening Times quoted on the 'Home Page' can or could, rarely, be subject to alteration without prior notice and we are sure you can appreciate this given the nature of how and by whom the Centre is staffed. Occasionally, the Centre is open other than the times quoted but only by prior arrangement or appointment.
MS Action, set up in 1983, shall help people who are diagnosed with a Neurological Condition and their Carers. They should, we believe, have access to a wide range of conventional and complementary therapies on both a physical and mental level. They need to feel they are doing something for their health and meet to converse with others who are experiencing similar problems.
As our name suggests, we were originally opened, for people with Multiple sclerosis and their carers. Since that time we have welcomed all types of Neurological Problems, such as Cerebral palsy, Autism, Strokes and Brain Damage. Although we do not claim to cure these problems, we have found that the lives of all our clients can be improved.
Core Statements.
To improve the quality of life for people with Neurological Illness and their carers through the provision of easy access to a range of complimentary therapies, at as little cost as possible. To provide a meeting place for people and their carers to meet others, like them and discuss things they have in common.
MS Action believes;
That people with Neurological Disorders and their Carers (as this can be a an ill-paid thankless task) need be able to get conventional and complementary therapies. Also to have access to counselling regardless of their financial status. And that all therapists should be qualified to a consistently high standard.
Registered Office;
Unit 17 Waltham Park Way,
Billet Road,
London E.17 5DU
Telephone / Fax Number 020 8531 9216
Registered Charity Number 803187
Registered Company Number 21366411 Registered in England.
A full list of the names of the Board of Trustees, the Auditors, the Bankers, the Legal Advisor & the Solicitors of M.S. Action can be acquired by written application to the above Registered Office Address and in the event of any legal issues arising all correspondence should first be sent for the attention of the Trustee's at the above Registered Office Address.
Planning Permission Since 1984
Health & Safety Policy On Display
Equal Opportunities Policy as per Care Standards Recommendations
Employers Liability Insurance On Display
Accident Report Book In Office
Accident Risk Analysis Every 3 Months as per Care Standards.